Our Herbs

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  1. Peppermint
  2. Camomile
  3. Nettles
  4. Lavender
  5. Sage

We work a lot for the future of our country!

Peoples interests to live healthy, to know their country, to know their small world which contains a lot, comes growing up. Value of these plants are revealed from our predecessor. They have been forgotten for a while, but never lost. And now... for not letting them dissapear forever, its our job to bring these things on people's attention again, and to show them how important they are for health, for our life.

For the Future!

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Medicinal miracles you have to grow up Home


The beautyfull violet flower is very attractive even for bees. Lavender helps on reducing pain and relaxing. At the same time the lavender odor can be used on homes environments. You can use lavender as a medicine if you get cut, as it works as a disinfectant.


Camomile tea is known worldwide for his relaxing ability. But what many peole do not know, is that camomile helps even on digestion problems, and can be used for skin irritation.


Sage is a wonderfull herb, which helps on relievng cough and sore throat. Sage is known for reducing the duration of severe colds, and sinusoids.